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noylj posted a comment on Sunday 15th February 2009 11:11pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

I know it is just me, since everyone loves Sinatra, but he always sounded slightly out of tune and not very interested in the whole thing. Dean Martin, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, and others were so much better to me. I just never GOT Sinatra. I also REALLY never GOT Celine Deion (a voice that truly hurts the ear).
Most people can sing (not me) but there are an infinitesimal number who can really sing well--and most of them are dead

Lady Alchymia replied:

*shrugs* I like Sinatra.

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd July 2008 8:47pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

"It's a nice ruby," ????????

You evil evil person! Leaving us like that! So, when more???????

Lady Alchymia replied:

LoL   Soon...

Lady A

Fate posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 6:59pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Oh, this chapter was just lovely!
Love this story!!

Lady Alchymia replied:

I'm so glad you enjoyed it.   Thank you so much :).

Lady Alchymia


Lilly posted a comment on Tuesday 1st July 2008 7:18pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Oh I love it!!! I couldn't stop reading! The characters are so full, real and not perfect! The best line doesn't always come to them, their mistakes are unmistakably human and you have made a wonderful story thus far! Keep it up!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hello Lilly,

You are very generous, thank you kindly!   Plot necessities aside, I do really like letting characters be truly dumb sometimes.   I'm so glad you're enjoying the story.

Best wishes,

Lady Alchymia

FireFairy posted a comment on Monday 30th June 2008 5:17am for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Great Chapter! i am sooo glad Remus and Lizzie finally got together! Can't wait for the next update!Thanks for an awesome chapter!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you very much; that's lovely of you to say :).

Lady Alchymia

brad posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 7:57pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

I totally forget if Elizabeth whipped up some Wolfsbane potion in the first version, but if she didn't and this means that you're scrapping that *wonderful* chapter where the Trio have a shot at it in "Psychomania" then I'm a bit unhappy, because the latter was a brilliant chapter.

(Actually most of Psychomania was brilliant. While Part 1 is an excellent fanfic what I read of Part 2 seemed to place it at an even higher level still. Just having the kids back at Hogwarts, starting off with that *brilliant* Harry-meets-the-firsties chapter. Anyway, I do hope that Trio-making-potion-Harry-protects-his-girl-from-bounder-Ron chapter is still in the works. It was wonderful H/Hr/Trio interaction)

Oh, right, this chapter. Very nice to have the 'olds' reconciled, of course. And to have the second part of Remus's prophecy given to us (had we been told that part before?). "Evil! Wedding ring!" -- had to laugh at that. Excellent entertaining chapter as always, thank you.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Brad,

The potions scene from this chapter was in the first draft, too, so that won't affect whether the other scence  turns up in Psychomachia.   (And thank you for your compliments on that story!)

Reconciling the olds played out pretty much the same as before (with the same prophecy revelations coming  out at the same points).   I'm delighted you enjoyed the chase for the wedding ring (I do love Evil).

Many thanks :)

Lady A

ty posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 7:00pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

as far as the 2nd part of the prophecy... couldn't that mean harry?
i mean, he is the labor of their love, and he is her godSON
very good
update now!! lol

Lady Alchymia replied:

Lots of good ideas there :).   Thanks kindly!

Lady A

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 2:19pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Ah the machinations of teenagers! I love the way Harry and Natalie worked so hard to get Elizabeth and Remus together. It finally worked too. That and Harry and Natalie actually got some dance lessons out of it! Thank goodness they are finally back as a married couple. Thanks for writing. I look forward to more of this story. pms

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi there,

I'm delighted you enjoyed the machinations of those wee cupids :).   Though I fear it  safe to say that Harry still can't dance.   But the boy is definitely picking up a few cues from  his guardian about how to treat a lady.

Thank you very much for your kind words :).

Lady Alchymia

Amamama posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 12:24pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Great chapter,of course. Thought I'd give you a review here, for a change. I just love this part, where the Lupins get together again. Both scared stiff, which (I totally agree with Lizzie) just has to be a good omen. Reading this makes me very happy - o just send me the next part(s), OK? Oh, and while I remember, I would appreciate a set of Magical Fingers too. *wink* Seriously, I love these touches of yours.


Lady Alchymia replied:

Hey there, my dear :),

(Amamama is one of my betas -- and a very good one, too!!)

I really, really want a set of those Magic Fingers :).   I get quite a kick out of the little, throwaway magical gadgets and gizmos that pop into my head from time to time.   Live cushions had me grinning a really sadly long time.   No description, no explanation, just 'live cushions'.  

With Lizzie and Remus finally reconciling, it felt  very satisfying to get there with less fuss than in the first draft.   Guess it's all about that writing-with-authority thing.   Still got a way to go on that, but it's getting a bit easier to see when I trip into rationalisations  :).

PadyandMoony posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 7:45am for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Great chapter. I don't remember if there was a lot of change or if that's just my faulty memory but that bit with Harry's scar acting up was a nice touch. (If that was in the original and I didn't remember, forgive me)
Good work!

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you very much indeed!!

Harry's scar did prickle in the first version, but I'm sure it was  a blink and you miss it thing.   It's actually really good to hear that you don't feel much has changed, because that just helps me know I cut the unnecessary things :).


Lady A

redjacobson posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 5:32am for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

About bloody time!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

Loved it (in case you couldn't tell! *GRIN*)


Lady Alchymia replied:

LOL Cheers, Red!!!

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 4:53am for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Yay! Let me just say, this is what I was hoping to see Remus by book seven at least, but feel I didn't: A passionate man who was deeply in love, rather than the beta male that he came across as, who ended up dying offscreen along with his wife Tonks(who I like, but didn't see the attraction she had in him, but JKR kept pushing the opposites attract thing). Compare that with this fiery one here, who is very deeply and totally in love with Lizzie, and as she is just as in love, that is what makes this chapter, and this match, so much better than the canon one, imo.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi there,

That's very generous of you to say, but I think the real difficulty for JKR was that she didn't have the option of indulging in a Lupin/Tonks point of view.   She could have, of course, (as she had alternate points of view for the starts of some of the books), but it really wouldn't have worked for her very well with just a side-romance as it wasn't plot critical.   But that just leaves plenty of room for fanfic to imagine a few tangents :).  

Of coure,  I would have had the same difficulty in making Elizabeth and Remus's romance work with only Harry's POV.   That last scene would have just been  rather creepy  with Harry in the room, for example, or worse, spying on them!  LoL

But I appreciate your compliments, thank you very much indeed!!

Lady A

kate19 posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 2:44am for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

i'm just slightly interested to know where the first version of the story went?? because you made changes into this one that i don't really like, just a few small things that don't connect with me so well like the piano/guitar change. i loved the piano bits. anyway, i like reading this every now and then. and am also interested in the sequel you had put up. but i can't find it anymore on this site? have you deleted it all? i find that quite sad!

well i still like your fanfic but i liked the first version better!!


Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Kate,

The first draft of the story certainly had a lot of other elements, and  I liked the piano, too.   It was rather too long, though, so I had to find ways of saying much the same thing with fewer tangents.    I had started on a sequel, but I'd only got a month or so into the school year, if I recall.

Kind regards,

Lady Alchymia

The Midnight Poster posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 2:19am for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Finally! I was pulling my hair out waiting for those two to get back together again!

And there has been a LOT of stories where Harry is taught dancing with the teacher suffering broken toes. This is the first I have read where the witch uses magic to protect her toes. Good job.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi there,

Elizabeth has a nephew already (Natalie's older brother) and knows well the dangers of untrained feet.

Thank you kindly :).

Lady A

Madelasha posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 11:48pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

Loved it!!! Oh those two are fantastic...and so very dense hehe
More soon please :D

Lady Alchymia replied:

Hi Alex,

Thank you very much!   Yes, they are a bit dense LoL, but few are clever in love.   I'm glad you're enjoying Remus and Lizzie.

Lady Alchymia

beauty01021 posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 10:48pm for Chapter 25 — Operation Lupercalia

yeah great chapter can' wait for more so please update again and soon.

Lady Alchymia replied:

Thank you kindly.

Lady A